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Compare home loans, car loans or mortgages. Total them up and see your monthly costs.

A free and easy to use loan calculator is something I always needed, even more so these days. With banks raising interest rates, and very little variety in the mortgage market, people need to see exactly what the smallest difference in their monthly payments could mean.

Type in the values. Use the tab key for speed. The row will automatically update when you set the values. Click the up-down spinners to quickly increase or decrease the values. You can even use your mousewheel if you click into the relevant textbox. Clicking the add another loan button will duplicate the last row of the table. Click on the checkboxes in each row to include them in the totals row.

I just added a nice printer friendly format, which gets rid of text like this on the page.

Enjoy seeing how much the bank takes. Paul Langan, feedback welcome to

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